Start Up Kdrama Review, must watch it!

Friday, November 6, 2020 9:41 PM

Hi Chingu! Kdrama addict what's on your list? 

I have missed writing kdrama review and I'm so happy that I'm sort of doing it today, actually I'm excited for weekends and it's Friday today. As you know, airing days of Start Up is Saturday and Sunday. Yehey! New episode, I'm waiting for episode 7.

It's not exactly a review, more of giving you a reason why you should watch it! I don't want you to spoil, but I'll share some of important details about the story. 

START UP, the story flow is related to business management and IT industry. Let me tell you about the main characters.

DALMI - She grew up with her grandmother and separated with her sister because their parents got divorced and she chose to stay with her father. Her father's business did not go well. Unfortunately, accident happened when it about to success.

After the divorced of their parents, Dalmi was left without any friend as her sister (Won In Jae) is her only friend. Her grandmother made an scheme to make her happy about some kid wanting to be her friend through letters. What happened is that the name used from the those letters is real name from newspaper then the one writing it is the teenager whom her grandmother provided a shelter. Dalmi is in love with Nam Do Sanas she grew up, she believed it was from him but it's actually Han Ji Pyeong (he felt indebted to Dalmi's  grandma) who wrote those letters.

Dalmi is high school graduate, she's been working part time jobs until one day she dream of having her own business to prove her self. To make her mother and sister believe that she never regret her decision on staying with her father.

Dalmi's mother remarried a rich man and her sister grew up with a good background. 

Her, trying to pretend that everything went well made the story very exciting.

DO SAN - a smart kid who won a math award. When Dalmi's grandma and Ji Pyeong writing a letter, they used his name which happened they found on the newspaper. 

He became a developer, but their start up is a mess as there is no investor. Their goal is amazing, the application is worth investing, but their Start Up has no good business plan for profit. 

Dalmi has decided to find Do San to seek help hoping that he might be a help for her. 

Dalmi found Do San's name through online he posted for sale. Then on other side of the story, Ji Pyeong tried his ways too to find Do San. Do San pretended to be the person who used to sent Dalmi a letters. He helped Dalmi to save face on event after Dalmi made a promise to her sister to bring him. 

Do San fell in love with Dalmi for real. The thing is there are lot of lies. He is a decent guy who is also soft hearted. 


where someone dreams can be possible

JI PYEONG - he is intelligent but he came from an orphanage. He has no one and no where to go when he really need a help. He got certificate as prize feom competition, but cannot even used it as he was a minor way back when it happened then he met Dalmi's grandma. The grandma showed him humanity and took care of him when he has nothing. He left and became successful. After years, he met that grandma again and he really want to return the favor. That's when he helped Dalmi met Do San, of course they kept on lying. ( I hope they can be honest already)

Ji Pyeong is Sandbox director.

Second lead syndrome, that's what many viewers feel towards Ji Pyeong. He is daebak, he has a very good life story on this drama. His dimples too 😅 so cute.

IN JAE - Dalmi's sister. She gain mostly of what she has because of his stepfather. She also want to to prove her self that she's good without any business connection.

Every additional episode, the story is becoming more and more exciting. The story is not focus on main characters only. Supporting characters had their own interesting stories to tell in this drama which makes it more twisted.  My curiosity and excitement is mixing as I want to watch the next episode already to know the what's and why's while watching it.

It is a mixed of drama, family, romance and comedy. You must watch this and know yourself how good the story is.

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