Spoiler Alert: Kill It KDrama review

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 11:19 AM

Hi guys! I can't recall when was the last time since I wrote a kdrama review, but then I decided to do it again. So here, I've recently finished watching "Kill It"!

A friendly reminder: It's a short review and if you don't want to spoil yourself about the flow of the story, stop here. HAHA so I guess you want to know if it's worth watching for? How the story goes as you watch the episodes something like that.

Kill It 
Genre: Thriller
Total episodes: 12

The story is about a crime that's been covered up because of higher ups. It's not more on a revenge, but finding an answer of why's.

Kim Soo-Hyun (No. 88) - He is a survivor from a number of children in an orphanage who saved by an assassin. He became a killer himself in the process of finding the reason why those children in the past up to the present has to die without a trace. He is also a veterinarian in the story who saved animals. He has a childhood friend, the detective :)

Do Hyun-Jin - a detective. She was adopted by a rich family. Grateful for having parents , but she wasn't treated as a real daughter as she became only a replacement. Her boyfriend died and still searching for an answer behind the crime.

Kang Suel-Ki - She has a trauma of witnessing how Do Hyun-Jin's boyfriend died in the past. She's under the protection of Do Hyun-Jin who also saved her.

Philip - a hacker and Do Hyun-Jin's friend.

The story was good and you'll love watching it. You'll get to know the connection of main character's life and how they survived in the past. I love the chemistry of Soo-Hyun and Hyun-Jin, they both have charms and emotion for each other that making me hope to see them together in the end.

The story focuses in killing and finding whose behind those crimes that has to happen.

Answers will be found, and choices will be made! At the end, bad people paid their crimes..
It has an open/tragic ending. It's good and it's cool, I can recommend this one for you to watch. It will not make you stress watching for nothing, but note that it doesn't end with a happy love story.

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