Novelina Facial Wash Product Review

Thursday, October 4, 2018 1:05 PM

Hi guys, I know you have a lot of routines when  talk about your skin care. You have your own way on how to take care of your skin and it depends which brand your skin agrees with.

We will never know if a product is effective for us not unless we try it. For me, it's not easy to believe in what I see written on its package. Yes, it will be my basis, but I'll know if it's a good one when I used it for days. Not just one try, because I also need to observe if something about using the product is good for me or it's making my skin worse because it's a big deal for me when it;s about my face.. No one wants to irritate their skin, right?

Last week, I started to try using the Novelina Facial Wash product. The product is dermatologist tested, which is a good thing when considering to use a skin care. This facial wash is a deep pore cleanser. I used a cosmetic products almost everyday when going to work or when attending events. After a tiring day outside, I actually need to cleanse all those dirt which already mixed with the makeup on my face for sure. This facial wash is also a skin brightener and anti acne. I've been using it every night after work since Monday, last week.

This product has a snail serum, a healing agent to treat acne. It is a prevention so I like it. It's better to avoid having acne as I really hate having one. It bothers me a lot to have something like pimple on my face. In the past, I hate hearing people noticing my pimple, so it's much better to have a prevention and have a skin care.

What else? It contains Kaolin Clay, it helps to cleanse and exfoliate debris and skin cells on the surface of the skin. Using it can also provide you the optimum protection from pollution.

I'm having fun using this product. By the way, it has a very mild scent and when applying it on my face, I do feel the smoothness while making the circular motion. After rinsing it, I felt that I already had a clean face so I tried to leave it just like that without using another product for the whole night. When I wake up in the morning, I felt like my oily face also improved. I don't know if it also a good effect of using it, but I think it is! So that's my routine after work. I continue using it since I feel it's effectiveness. All it's written effect can't be seen the result for a week, maybe in persistence of using the product.

You should also try using it if you are looking for a facial wash! I hope you get the same effect or better effect of this product too.

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