Mother's day: It's all becuse of you!

Saturday, May 12, 2018 10:12 PM

"Incomparable you"

My mother is the best!
Our existence is her success.
Her love is the greatest!
Having her, I'm truly blessed.

She always knows the best.
Her wish is our success.
In everything, we are her priority first.
Her braveness in life makes me impressed.

She doesn't care how she dressed.
Doesn't even care if have no rest.
Just for our best interest.
I admire her the biggest!

No super power, but a hero.
Even impossible, she can do.
If we're hurt she will rescue.
For all your sacrifice, thank you!

I know you will grow old too.
Even I don't want to.
Whatelse can I do?
I'm grateful because of you!

I may not hear you saying I love you.
But I know your heart is so true.
Our happiness is yours too.
Mami, I love you!

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