Top 10 Shopee Item Wishlist

Sunday, April 8, 2018 3:16 PM

I'm actually a frequent Shopee online shopper. Let's admit it, we have the necessities and desires.  For me, well actually if the item is something I need to wear then I will buy it personally to try and fit it. For items like I need not worrying the size, I will order it in Shopee! It's hassle free and all I have to do is to wait for the item I order online.

Read comments and check ratings, this will help you to decide while ordering online. I do this thing to convince myself.

Let me share you my top 10 Shopee item wishlist. By the way, this wish list is not in my desire order, but I want this 10 item.

1.) Android Cable

It's because I always had a damaged cable. I always had an extra, but after time of using it, I still need an extra. I also lend my cable to my siblings and workmates. I bought last time too in Shopee a 2 fast charging cable. I was so happy that time so, I'm wishing to have more.

2.) Powerbank

Well of course, I had a power bank. The thing is that my brother borrowed it because he needed it more than I probably going to use it. So I let him use mine, still there is some unexpected time that I need it, but I don't have an extra. It's me, I always need an extra in case of emergency.

3.) Earphones

I have one, sadly I need to bring it with me in the work, in our boarding house and in our home. It will be good for me to have one each place to prevent it to damage easily.

4.) Anklets Protector Anti Sprained

If you don't know yet, I love running/jogging. On weekends, at times I challenged myself to sprint alone as my cardio exercise. I've sprained my ankle last year, I think this ankle protector will be a good support.

5. Make-up brushes with container

I just discovered that I love makeup brushes, to make life easier when applying make-up I need brushes. With a container is a plus because I don't have to worry where to place my brushes it after I used them.

6.)  DSLR Tripod

I have a  3-in-1 tripod, I also bought in Shopee. That tripod is fine when I'm using it my phone, but I'm afraid to use it for my DSLR because it's not stable. When my trip is to take a self portrait, it will be easier if I had a tripod like this. For some capturing too, to avoid blurry photos.

7.) Storage organizer

I have a lot of things with me every day going to work, it's because I want to bring almost everything even I use it occasionally. This storage organizer is nice as I can see in  the image, this is really a multi purpose.

8.)  Hair Blower

I recently became conscious about the volume of my hair, I think a hair blower can suffice it. I will be happy too, I think if I get one as I never had a blower ever.

9.) Summer Sunglasses

It's summer time, for a summer getaway plan. Props and additional for OOTD pictures. I want a summer sunglass like this.

10.) Flat Cap

I wanted a flat cap even before, well, caps are adjustable. Still, I didn't try to buy one. When I'm actually in a department store or stall with caps, I'm not convinced to buy and I find it hard to choose which design is better and will look better for me.

By the way guys, if you have something to order in Shopee, you can have a P80 discount in your first purchase with a minimum spend of P400 when you use my discount code below. Hope you can order your Shopee item wishlist too.

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