Teresitas's 2nd Grand Halo-Halo day celebration

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 5:10 PM

 It's summer time! It's also the perfect time to have a good food and enjoy refreshing desserts. Let me share you this affordable place where you can enjoy your meal with one of the best halo-halo I've ever tasted.

Teresita's of San Fernando are one of affordable restaurant you can try. They offer Kapampangan delicacies that surely everyone will enjoy. I've tasted some of their dishes and it has a reasonable price. In fact guys, I have a favorite from their menu which is Kare-Kare. I love the creaminess of their Kare-kare sauce and the meat is tender and just so delicious. I always order it with a dessert, Halo-halo.

Guys, it's no joke! Their halo-halo is really one of the best! In different way, of course, there's also some other best halo-halo in their unique taste. If you have tasted it, you'll get what I mean. If not, try it and you'll not regret buying one.

Last year, I witnessed how many people came to get a free halo-halo in their 1st Grand Halo-halo day. This year, I witnessed again how people came to get their free halo-halo. Their 2nd Grand Halo-Halo day happened last Saturday April 21, 2018.

Some shoppers, SM employees, they surely had a great time enjoying their free hal-halo as easy as waiting for a few minutes. They just got a stub from staff and used it for claiming. What's great about this is they don't need to buy anything, it's literally free and for takeout.

From 1:00pm to 2:00pm they served lots of free halo-halo. Thank you Teresitas for letting us enjoy your sweet treat for everyone.

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