Then Vs. Now: Changes can make a better version of you!

Friday, March 16, 2018 10:07 AM

Who I was before compare on how you see me now? Oh no! Hahaha. I can't help it, but to smile and laughed for some reason.

Laugh, Live , Love

You know what? That's a big deal. I remember that I untagged unsightly photos of myself wherein my friends can see how chubby or how thin I was before. With thought that my friends might find it funny because it's like a different person and tease me, at times it's kinda embarrassing. On my Facebook account, I made sure years ago that those kind of photos has been either untagged already or visible to only me.

1st year college
 Well, it's okay to bully myself rarely and show off some of photos to my friends. But then honestly, I can't avoid becoming sensitive when lots of my friends attack me with words that can hurt me or lessen my self-esteem. The thing is, yes its all in the past, and who I am is always part of it to complete me. Me then and now is still me, a better version of myself as I can be.

Wait, oops what pose it this? HAHA :D
It's hard to boost confidence, especially when people around me tend to notice only my physical appearance. My shape before made me gain weight instead of loosing some. Why? What change will it do even I try? They would still tease me even I'm starting try to workout or diet myself. In result? I don't care how I look like because it's not them who comforted me, the food did.  My size, my weight made me realize that somehow I want a proportion size in other's eyes. I was fat, fine! Even it's just my thought or people around me really see me that way, I can still be happy because my family and friends won't judge me based on my body. A foul joke, maybe! It's easy to dream, but achieving body goal is no joke at all. It was like a torture!

When I was at the point of busy years in college, it stressed me out. The travel time from our home to school, eating time versus activities, projects and other stuff concerning my studies. I started to lose weight. I was heavy, same for what I've been through in the past. Until the chubby me is gone. When I enter college, I wanted to have a body goals of course. Then it happened to me later on and  became sexy up to the time that my family and friends are telling me that I'm too thin already for my height.

What can you say?

So, what I've learned in this life is that no matter what my size is, people still can't be satisfied. They will still describe me the way they want. And for that, I got enough for myself. Whatever my shape is, it's me who needed to embrace it. Because I cannot control the way people can see me, but it's my choice who I can be. I can't be happy disliking what I want, so why would I please them to stop criticizing me. I don't need to adjust in everything they are saying towards me. Should I eat more? Should I lose some weight? No way!

I don't know what make-up means! LOL
 We're in the modern world. Some development has discovered in this world, and so am I. So I learned to improve something in me, the way I dress myself and how I style my physical appearance helped me to be contented. I can't change their mind in judgement they might throw to me, but it's up to me how I can change my belief towards them.

This is me then vs now.

Sumilon Island - November 2018
Costume time - December 2017
January 2018
Colorgram - March 2018

Old photos, image quality is not that good like the old version of myself. We're moving forward, we got something in the process. New development, so there's a lot of new smartphones. I upgraded myself too!

It's me!
For that, Oppo is one of the best mobile photography. #CaptureTheRealYou using #OppoF5 and have a high quality selfies to treasure. It's nice to have a good photo of you to throw back in the future. Some memories you don't want to hide to others.

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