Launched the Curvalicious Movement At Big Coming Out Party with Nadine Lustre

Friday, March 23, 2018 6:06 PM

Every can be the woman they want to be! With whisper, every woman doesn't have to limit her movements.

Always the spunky, independent, and passionately creative, multi star Nadine Lustre is no wonder the lady to lead the pack at the recent Whisper Curvalicious Coming Out Party

Known as brand that has long championed women empowerment, Whisper celebrates the modern woman who is fearless, fierce, and bold through its #ChooseCurvalicious Movement.

At Valkyrie Night Club, Bonifacio Global City, Nadine fierce and stunning as ever commended the stage with her performance of the new Whisper anthem, Curvalicious. Like many of Nadine's songs, it was supercharged with groovy beats and empowering lyrics.

"I have always been about being myself and doing what I feel is right and close to my heart." reveals the actress-singer. "The Whisper Curvalicious woman embodies who I want to be so I really wanted to contribute in a bigger way and work on the new anthem with them. I love that we share the mindset that every girl should be able to feel empowered and confident, any day and everyday."

Being a star is no easy feat. Like many in the industry, Nadine has had her share of critics and naysayers. Despite this, she has maintained that she a force to be reckoned with. Passion fuels her as she keeps focus finding ways to be a positive influence on those around her.

The young star is all thanks to her fans and crew, who have always had her back. Her go-to brand for feminine pads, Whisper, has a lot to do with the confidence and comfort she's always got with every performance. The new Whisper still features its cottony soft cover and dermacare lotion, 12-hour leakage protection and, anti-leak barries for a completely worry-free period. Now, made better, it ensures a more snug fit with its own curvalicous feature too! It's definitely the feminine pad upgrade modern women like Nadine to stay confident, cool, and, yes, curvalicious.

With Whisper, women can join and be part of the #Curvalicious movement: a celebration of the modern woman who is brave and daring, who powers through any chanllenge, and who will inspire other women to do the same.

So women never have to say no and doubt because she can have the curvalicious, which is trusted!

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