The Garden and Korean Temple: Instagrammable place to visit in Bocaue-Marilao

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 6:04 PM

Hi guys! Have you been in Bocaue Area? For sure you know the Philippine Arena, right? Maybe you haven't been there yet. I've only see this from my FB friend and saw a caption with name of the place "The Garden" and I was like, oh I would like to go there too.When I tried to search about this place, the name is Ciudad de Victoria.

To celebrate my birthday early, I search a bit preparing to go in that place surely. Then I went there with my boyfie just last month January 20, 2018. You should pay for an entrance fee, 200 for adults and 100 for 6 years old and below. You can enjoy their attraction, Planetarium and their garden. If you are into different flowers and bonsai, you'll be happy to see lots of them. When taking pictures, you can make the Philippine Arena as your background as it can be seen in a way inside.

You'll find some instagrammable background to take some of your photos (maybe more if you want) depending on your mood. No time limits! The things is, when you go there and the weather is so clear, as much as you can feel the sun (I know you don't want to get tanned) it's a wise advise to put some sunblock to protect your skin.

When we visited the place, there's only few that's why I can say that I've enjoyed it. A place with a crowd of people can change someone's mind convincing to go in a specific place. I think you may still find your own trip, though I'm not sure if there's only a few person if you visit the place.

You can see a flower painting, real flowers on entrance and most part of The Garden, the name itself can tell you what the place is. If you want to see greenery and colorful view, go there! There are also few animals inside.



Children will surely have fun there. Kid at heart will be happy too, carousel and inflatable playground, even I got time to sit in the playground to rest and ride on the carousel.

Note: Food is not allowed to bring inside. There's also a resto inside. We ate there, well I'm not recommending it because we're disappointed with the taste and its price. Still, it depends on you.

From Farmers Cubao, ride a bus bound to Sta. Maria, Bulacan with sign board Sta Maria | Bocaue Exit (Del Carmen Bus). Tell the conductor to drop you off at Baranggay Turo. You can ride a trike from there and tell the driver you will go in "The Garden".

(I didn't upload all our pictures, I selected the thumbnails I uploaded in social media accounts).

Philippine Arena entrance is in front and The Garden is not. We're lucky that we're on timing with the Shuttle service going there in the morning. Unfortunately, not in the afternoon when we decided to exit that's why we walk going back the Philippine Arena entrance.

Since we're there, we also passby in front of Philippine Arena.

After that my boyfriend and I also went in Korean Temple at Lolomboy, Marilao. The place known as St. Andrew Kim Tae Gon Shrine. Just 1 ride from 7/11 near Boacue exit, walking distance from Mcdo Lolomboy. You may also opt to ride a trike.

When you see the Korean temple, you might thought ah, it's just a small place. Oops, well you're right with that thought. You can find a different instagrammable spot when you walk inside. I wouldn't say more words about it, just see the pictures below haha :)

This one is high to capture in landscape
From entrance you can see this
This area is just near the entrance gate
Korean Temple

St. Andrew Kim Tae Gon

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Just to inform you, the Korean Temple closed at 5:00pm. A staff will come and say that they are about to close the gate.

That's our gala in Bocaue and Marilao, by the way we manage to visit both in a day, even the opening and closing time of both are almost the same because it's really possible. 

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