Bellisma Beauty Soap & Morrison Whitening Lotion

Saturday, January 20, 2018 11:42 AM

Having beauty inside is good, but having it outside is actually making us feel confident. Being pretty in any  ways we can achieve make us happy. Not to let others know how beautiful you can be, but satisfying ourselves.

Beauty can be defined in many ways. And I would like to introduce you a product to make you more beautiful than you are now. Firstly, Belissima Beauty Soap for our face. I have recently tried this soap. As we all know, egg white can help to minimize pores.

Belissima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap can helps:
Lighten Skin
Soften Face
Tighten Face
Smoothen Skin

I'm using it on the face and body, this effect cannot be seen overnight. After using the soap, I can tell your skin will feel smooth and soft. What I really like with this soap? Even you haven't opened it you can already smell sweetness from it.

Use it daily to see the result. After a day or a week of continuous using Egg White soap,  you will see how it helps your skin and its effects for you! And if you have an egg allergy, better to consult first before using it.

Then the other beauty product I'm referring is Morrison Elbow & Knee - body lotion. This lotion has a combination of collagen and whitening. Morrison Body Lotion has Microwhyte Moisture that helps whiten, peel and smoothen  stubborn dark areas safely. It helps the skin to rejuvenate.

I'm using the lotion and I think this must be the answer for my uneven skin. As I was not a gifted with a lighter skin, I feel great to know that I can find a solution for my stubborn dark areas like elbow and knee. You guys should try it to witness in yourself how prettier you can be using this beauty products.

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