The Food Truck Manila in QC review

Saturday, November 25, 2017 3:53 PM

Food park, food truck or whatsoever people called the place now with variety of food stalls, it's very famous as a lot of us can't deny of being in love with foods. Food trip, stress eating or we can just say it's the trending hobby that many of us have been addicted.

I've been staying around Quezon City and this is one of the newest food place I've visited, The Food Truck Manila in QC located at 63 Kamias Road corner K-1st Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

What can I say about The FoodTruck Manila?
Table and seats
Food option

From Kamias, you can ride a jeep to go there instead of walking since the place is not so near just as you see in the google map. But if you have budget guys, you can ride a taxi, grab or uber to go there. But then if you have your own car, you can bring it and they also have a parking space in front of their food truck.

Solo, double or multiple - there are lots of seats to accommodate you. They also have air-conditioned rooms there even their comfort room. If you just wanna find a comfortable stay while eating, the place is good for you.

Just a few information from their managing director, the place was built  with 95% recycled materials. The 4-story building is isolated in rainy days, they make sure that you can still enjoy your food trip while staying there unlike in other food parks.

For your food choice, they offer Filipino and International cuisine. I've tasted some of their food.
Ofcourse, some are common dishes, still you can discover your favorite menu.

I highly recommend Cake UK 🍰. I love their cakes, not too sweet, but it's very delicious especially the triple layer cake. They said that Dulce de leche is best seller as well, unfortunately it was already sold out. Obvious that many love the flavor.

Pizza lover? I like the crunchy texture of their thin crust. Thumbs up for it.

I recommend you to try this foodtruck, some food might taste average for you. Well that's the reality guys that we have to know first which are good in our taste before we can tell it's really good and suits our taste. For me, I love the cake and pizza from Cake UK and Roxpizza.

They also have karaoke, dart and beer pong rooms.
The food truck is bigger compare to other food park I've visited. You guys must try it if you are wandering to try a new foodpark. 👍

Will add some photos soon.

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