Never been for each other!

Sunday, November 19, 2017 11:50 PM

Crying doesn't mean it's painful,
But beacuse I've been hopeful.

It hurts, yes indeed!
Still there are things that meant to end.

You've been part of good memories in me,
But there's pain inside me that you never see.

We never been for each other.
We have never been better.

You without me is okay.
It feels like you throw me away.

You disregard how things will affect me.
Maybe because you want to be free.

You're no longer mine.
In that way you'll be fine

Without me you can be happier.
Because we're never been for each other.

I'm not sorry for everything,
I believe hiding is hurting.

You made me doubt,
It retained in my heart.

If what you feel for me is truly love,
I will leave everything to Him above.

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