Stalls at ouR Food Park in Balagtas, Bulacan that you must try!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 10:44 AM

Hi joyful friends! I've recently visited the newly opened food park at Km 32 Mc Arthur Highway, Borol 1st, Balagtas, Bulacan. So let me share you the stalls I've tried. Food wanderer, you might crave for their food guys because those stalls really offer a luscious foods.

I bet you will say no to burger, right?
How about sizzling food?
And who loves eating street food?

It's hard to resist when yummy foods are in front of our eyes. No reason to stop yourself guys. Eating is happiness. Listed below will be the 3 stalls I've tried at ouR Food Park.

Featured stall 1: Burgoglio Burger

The stall owned by 3 namely Aeh, Ton and Edrian. The burgers they offer started with an interest of one of them and one another tasted it and the concept has been formed. Two of the owners are HRM college friends and the other one is an Engineer.

They offer American-style Burgers, and the newest in their menu is the Giant Burger, which is good serving for 4-5 person. Well, they also have normal sizes and don't worry because the taste will not fail you over your expectation. You can also add with fries and pica pica in your order.

You can make your own burger by choosing the add ons you desire.

Best seller burgers will be listed below, it will be served as a good recommendation for you if you visit Burgoglio Burger.

  •  BBQ Bacon Burger
  •  Mahal' O Burger
  • Corned Beef & Jalapeno Burger
Staff and Mr. Aeh, they are humbly entertaining the customers.
 Sir Aeh said that they will be also having their promotion every month to serve new sausage ban.

Featured 2: Sizzling Station

Well, nothing's new when you see sizzling menu. It only means, this is one of the Pinoy favorite dish.
At Sizzling Station, they serve different sizzling specialty, so you can choose what you want.

Let's admit that we really like sisig when choosing from the menu or I can say most of us will pick this dish, right? It is one of their best seller guys! You must try it when you visit ouR Food Park.

Sizzling Porterhouse Steak will make your tummy full for its deliciousness and tenderness.

You can see their pricing here in the menu.

Featured 3: Camper Grill

Here in our country, this kind of food will make you crave at times, which I mean is the street foods. In ouR Foof Park, you can have it in Camper Grill. It's up to you if you want it with rice or which in the menu you'll want to try. They have for solo as well for group! I've tried their Camper1, you can taste and love the marinated grilled they are offering.

If you love to eat grilled squid, I will really advise you to try it. It was easy to cut, delicious and yeah, you must taste it by yourself to know what I'm saying.

Grilled Squid
For their future plan, they might offer boodle fight food in their menu.

Affordable with reasonable pricing
With good ambiance
 I've tested and tried the food in these 3 stalls in ouR Food Park. You must try these guys! Food is life :)

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