Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 3:03 PM

Hi guys! I have a great idea, want to know what is it?
Oh, here I go!

GC Regalo

We get invitations from different occasions, celebrations that requires us to think for a fool-proof gift ideas. It's a tough decision huh? What would be the best gift, right? I feel you! We don't even know if the person who will receive it will actually be happy for it or it's just ourselves who thinks that way.

What to consider?
Actually, even though we know the person exactly and their flaws, it's stressful and bothering to choose gifts especially when it's not a request one.

Should I consider that person's style?
Should I consider that person's interest?
Should I consider what that person's favorite color?
Should I consider the product brand?
..and more

It will be a time consuming to look for a gift, how do I explain it? Is it a trial and error if we can find what we are looking for when we don't know exactly what we want to find.

So here's the best gift idea for you, Gift Certificate Regalo! It's the best gift for all occasions like birthdays, wedding, Christmas and other events.

Let me share you 2 advantages of GC Regalo:

1. Hassle free, you don't need to spend hours just to find or think of what you can give. You don't have to struggle yourself just to choose which is which will be the best gift.
GC Regalo
Sodexo Premium Pass/Sodexo Gift Check/Sodexo Gift Certificate
2. The person who will receive it can surely use the GC for what he/she desires to buy, for something worthy.

GC Regalo
SM Gift Pass/SM Gift Check/SM Gift Certificate

Let me share you my story. :)

I myself got invited before for my Tita's birthday on that same day. Oh my! I almost refused to go in her celebration. Why? I'm not prepared, and maybe even I've known about it, nothing will change. My question will be "What gift should I give her?". The best idea pop-up in my mind is to buy a gift card. It's better twice other than possible ideas I can think. She can choose from a variety of products using GC, even I, will feel the same way to receive GC.

If you want to know more details regarding GC Regalo, you can visit the following links:

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You can find detailed information where you can use GC's and their affiliated establishments nationwide.

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