Doraemon: Cutest Hero you can ever have!

Friday, August 18, 2017 2:08 PM

When I was a little girl, I did watch cartoons, including "Doraemon" of course. Even time passed by I'm still a fan of this cartoon just simply because the story was so cute and so the characters as well. Viewers of this cartoon have learned a lot, especially with good manners and right conduct in a cute  way like the friend hero of the story.

Let me introduce you further who Doraemon is.
Be fearless, Doraemon is here. Doraemon is a friend and a hero. Someone you always wish to have who is always there for you, defend you, take care of you, and be your good friend all the time.

You can think of me as a joker because you're expecting a hero like Superman or Wonder Woman. Doraemon may look cute and harmless, but his heroic qualities go beyond the physical. He is a robotic cat sent back in time from the future to help and guide a young boy named Nobita. Instead of confronting his daily difficulties, Doraemon gives Nobita some other ways to cope. In this manner, he shares valuable principles that will form Nobita’s character.

He has some techy tricks up his sleeve, or rather his 4D pocket. He uses these gadgets to keep Nobita out of trouble, or to save him from the trouble that he started himself.

Some of these secret gadgets are: 
The Takecopter- place this handy propeller on top of the head and get ready to fly!
The Docodemo door, also known as the Anywhere Door, takes you where you want to go within the limits of 10 light years.
The Time Machine, Doraemon’s primary means of time travel, is like a tunnel of space time.
The Memory Bread resembles a typical, single-loaf of plain bread. It allows the user to memorize any contents 'printed' on it.
The Time Cloth, or Time Kerchief, gives you the ability to advance or reverse time, depending on which two different colored sides are used.
The Big Light is a flashlight which is capable of increasing the size of any object. The Small Light, or the Shrink Ray, is a lamp similar to a flashlight that decreases the size of objects.
The Passloop is a devise used for passing from a solid object such as a wall.

What makes Doraemon popular among kids and the youth is that at the end of every adventure, he never fails to impart values of honesty, perseverance, courage, family, and respect for elders, while still lending a comic flavor to all his adventures.

From Trade Show to Road Show
Doraemon’s happy, helpful, and heroic character is being made known beyond the confines of anime and TV shows. He has been making the rounds of appearances around town, the first of which was at a trade show held at the Mind Museum early this year, where Doraemon was presented to the business sector.

Students from UNO High School had a great time with Doraemon & Friends, last August 2
This time, Doreamon continues to spread more fun and learning through metro-wide events for Elementary students. Dubbed School Adventure, this series of shows will be happening from August to September 2017, started on August 2 at UNO High School and on August 24 at the College of the Holy Spirit. Doraemon believes in bringing out the best in every kid. Just as he is perceived to be a hero, we are all inspired to make heroes out of each and every kid on a day of fun-filled activities with Doraemon. We aim to promote positive values to shape kids to become heroes in their own ways.

Doraemon and Nobita at the ROADventure mall event at SM City North EDSA last 7 August, to the delight of fans and the Filipino families
Simultaneously, Doraemon will be reaching out to the millennials and young adults with the ROADventure mall tour, happening on August to December 2017; the kick-off event was at the SM City North EDSA – The Block last August 7 to 13, 2017. Anchored on the slogan “Doraemon, I’m Your Hero,” the tour empowers millennials in the same way as Doraemon has been supportive of his friend, Nobita as we spread positive shout outs like dream bigger, stand out – speak out, and more. The event will showcase the first ever Doraemon “I’m Your Hero” van where the participants can like, shoot, post and share their photos and their unique experience during the event together with the Doraemon 16ft Inflatable. And to top it off, they will have a chance to have a photo opp with the famous robot-cat from the future himself – Doraemon!

This campaign is part of the ongoing efforts of Animation International Philippines (AIPH) to strengthen Doraemon’s brand visibility in the Philippines and for the market to be associated with the brand.

Mr. Abe Franco, General Manager of AIPH and Mr. Tsutomu "Tim" Kondo, general Manager of Animation International Ltd. with DORAEMON

Abe A. Franco, AIPH general manager remarks: “AIPH is happy to enhance Doraemon’s image in the country. That is why AIPH has organized School Adventures for Elementary students and Roadventure for millennials and young adults. Through these “I’m Your Hero” tours, Doraemon’s success in the Philippines is very promising as we move forward to the coming years.”

Animation International Ltd. is represented in the Philippines by AIPH, to provide the best in children's entertainment in films, consumer products, events, and other business ventures with the ever-popular Japanese animation properties.

Tsutomu Kondo, general manager of Animation International Ltd. says: “AIPH is very keen on making its presence felt in the Philippine market and having it relatable to the new generation particularly with the millennials and the gen Z. Its core goal now is to make a mark in the Philippine market and encourage new partners to be part of the Doraemon family.”

As AIPH launches the Doraemon’s “I’m Your Hero” campaign, it is supported by like-minded corporations that have been licensed to carry the Doraemon name on their products.
These are:

SBMF International Marketing Inc. for quality, affordable infants’ and children’s basic wear under the brand name Looms;
Momoe Creations International Corp. for handkerchiefs, towels, slippers, and other kid’s accessories;
JLine Comics and Marketing Corp. for publishing the Doraemon manga comics in Filipino version;
OneStop Distribution, Inc. for Doraemon Goo’n Friend Baby Diapers;
Vista Eyewear for Doraemon kids’ eyewear and
Sharp Philippines for their promotional tie-up with Doraemon and their high-tech appliances.

For more information about Doraemon’s “I’m Your Hero” campaign, please visit Doraemon official facebook page: DoraemonPH and AnimationInternationalPH

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