My Vivere Salon Glorietta experience with Sir Bryan

Monday, July 10, 2017 4:24 PM

vivere salon glorietta

Last Saturday, I went to Vivere Salon located at 3F Glorietta and got my hair a makeover. It's been a year since I got my last haircut, though I knew I already had split ends and lower portion of my hair are dry I decided to do nothing. I just love my long hair even others told me to have a hair cut, I don't care.haha

Copper color on my hair were almost a year and it's been almost 2 years, having a light color for my hair. That day, I'm ready for a change.

Sir Bryan Claudio - a senior hair stylist done my haircut, hair color and chose a hair treatment for me. He's been doing hair styling for 10 years, he knows for sure how making someone look better with hair transformation.

vivere salon

Here's my picture before and after the haircut. My long hair isn't too obvious here since it was in my back, you can see I have a bangs now. I had my hair cut a span of a hand. My hair is no longer so long, but I'm glad that it's still long. Thanks to Sir Bryan for cutting it just right, some stylist didn't actually listen to a customer for the span to be cut. 

I prefer to have a highlight color, but my hair strands are too thin for bleaching if ever I want to push it maybe my hair will suffer later, so he suggested other hair coloring that can be done with my hair. Sir Bryan asked me if its okay with me to have a combination of dark violet and red. He said the blonde color is common and I agree with that. And yes, its okay with me to have a new hair color.

Vivere Salon Glorietta

He said he'll make my hair pretty so I trusted him. He has done a dimensional color with my hair. After the hair color, an intense hair treatment to make my hair soft.

I'm so happy with the outcome. I like the color of my hair. The violet seems to reflect under the sun (my Tita noticed the color violet). Indoor, my hair color is more on red, it can be noticed from middle to lower portion of my hair since the red color applied in that part.

vivere salon

I agreed with Sir Bryan advise for my hair, I love my hair and it's color. It's even softer now. My haircut made me look younger. The color is unique and my friends and relatives seems to like it for me as well for complementing me with my new look. After the makeover, Sir Bryan curled my hair temporarily as you can see on the left side of the photo above. The image right side was taken the day after (yesterday).

Sir Bryan makes sure to do the styling in my hair perfectly. He reminds his assistant many times where to focus and which part to apply the color. He's nice and gave advice how to take care my hair better until before I left the salon.

vivere salon

They offered drinks, it's kinda boring just to wait for more than hour every service they have to do. Reading a magazine and an iced tea while waiting before rinse my hair.

vivere salon

To Ms. Juliet and Ms. Rose, thank you for chatting with me while assisting Sir Bryan in applying the color and treatment.

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It's nice to have a stylist who will do an awesome work, especially with hair. For us girls, hair really has an impact with our style. It can change the look with just a simple touch. I love watching kdramas, after posting my new hair style on facebook my Friend's comments said that I looked like a Korean.

Sir Bryan Vivere Salon
with Sir Bryan
Vivere Salon Glorietta staff are all accomodating and kind.  They also had a good ambiance in their salon.

vivere salon
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Here's the price for the hair makeover done with my hair:
For Haircut: Php390
For Hair color: Php3,500
For Hair treatment: Php1,800

Thank you Vivere Salon. :)

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