First and foremost, it has to be you!

Thursday, July 13, 2017 3:17 PM

misstheerious thoughts

Life sometimes seems to have fun twisting our lives, right? Up and down situations come to teach us. It's either we accept to learn or we don't want yet that's why some end up being in the same complicated state in life.

The choices are depends on how we wisely choose. Who are we to blame our life on others? You are living yours and it's your fault if you choose somebody to dictate your life. Still, who am I to say that? Yes,I might be wrong. Sometimes the decision to have a better life isn't always in our hands. The power and kind of life we dream of might need more steps before reaching it. The level of hardship you have to pass through is no joke compare to someone who's lucky enough to have an easy path. So what? You are you and your life is precious like theirs. The method may not be the same, but determined heart is stronger than any beliefs.

Eagerness can motivate someone.
Inspiration can change someone.
Your dream can be the key one.

Having goals can make you do better. No, it can push you to give your best. Your interest, your passion, your skills is all yours. No one can ever steal it. Don't hesitate and have courage to take the first step, who knows, it might lead you to have a good life.

You are hard working.
Dedicated to what you are doing.
One day, all your sacrifices will turn back at you in good terms.

Anything should not be about expectation.
Every little is worth something. We might not see the value of insignificant things, maybe not now.
There's too much to explore about life. So many things we have not discovered yet on our own.

What you have to do is focus on your dreams, not being a self-centered. Do what makes you happy. Stick with people who brings you joy. Have a positive mind. Have an awesome life.

Do not live your life with regrets  because of anyone, at the end, you cannot blame them. Everyone has circumstances in life. Learn to find a solution than worrying and fearing the day to come. Count your blessings instead. You are receiving gifts each day to be grateful enough. You are breathing, you just have to manage well your own life.

Another thing, our age can't define the worth of our lives. It has to be us to see what our worth is. You! Yes, I mean you. You are priceless, unbelievably great, you just have to believe what you can be.  Nothing is impossible! With God you can be whatever you dream to be. Have courage and faith, in yourself and of course with the Almighty Father.

misstheerious thoughts

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