Feel Stress Free app review

Sunday, July 23, 2017 5:28 PM

Oh, hi there! Have you ever heard an app for mental health conditions? If not, let me introduce you one "Feel Stress Free" app. From the name itself, for sure you'll feel great about it, especially when you are feeling stress, anxiety or mild depression. The app uses clinically proven techniques (such as mindfulness and CBT.)

Feel stress free

The app work both in desktop and mobile device. However, it is relatively slow on desktop as it was typically designed for mobile use.

Our lives is not always happy as we'd like it to be. We have downfall at times, problems and some other issues we are experiencing that make us feel stressed. That's the reason why Psychiatrists and Psychologists at Thrive created Feel Stress Free app. It can help us manage our mental health and relax.

Visit the Calm island anytime you wanted to. Have a moment to relax by yourself without any distractions. Instrumental music is the background of the app, while having a session with feel stress free app, it will lessen your worries.

Calm island

Don't worry, when you use the app, you'll meet a friendly guide on the island that will help you with the app sessions. That friend will speak with you to give tips on dealing with your issues.

If you are facing a problem you can't speak with people around you and having trouble with your feelings, this app will help you to calm.

feel stress free

You will rate how do you feel and describe your situation. The app will also ask you some questions to determine the causes of your stress.

Based on your answers, Clicking continue button below this pop-up message result will be given with specific advice for you to recover from hardships. From from your answers, the app will recommend exercises to optimize your emotional well being.

By practicing the techniques in the app, you will learn to build resilience to the stress, pressure and anxieties life throws your way. Techniques include Deep Muscle Relaxation, Meditation, Calm breathing and more


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