Spoiler Alert: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Thursday, June 8, 2017 1:45 PM

Strong Woman - a fictional story
Hi guys! Kdrama addicts out there, have you watch this one? If not yet, you must watch it. Promise you'll love the story and the characters. If you want to know some about the drama, proceed reading. I'm usually searching for a quick review about the kdrama I'm planning to watch, you may feel the same, I won't make it long because I know some reviews are very detailed.

Strong woman is a story obviously about a woman, a very strong physically. It's a hereditary power  that only inherits of girl members of their family. It runs in their family and said that it must only use for good purpose. If they don't, the power will be gone.

Strong woman family
It's a family, friendship and love story.

Main characters:

Do Bong Soon, a strong woman. She has a crush with her friend Guk-doo, a police officer. Let's just said that it is a one sided love since her crush has a girlfriend. They were a good friend and Bong Soon is trying to hide her power into him to appear girly in front of Guk-doo. In the story, Gukdoo and his partner will break up later on. He is protective to Bong Soon not realizing he is acting that way because he has a feeling for her. He'll be remain as good friends till the end of the story. Crush is not meant to be forever, one guy will love her from day 1 to rest of his life. It was Ahn Min-hyuk, he will amaze to her strength and will hire the strong woman as her body guard since he was receiving a threat and he witness how strong Do Bong Soon is. Ahn Min-hyuk is also her lover in the story.

Ahn Min-hyuk, CEO of Ainsoft (gaming company). He has a very cool lifestyle. He hates policemen, even he receives threats and blackmails he wants to catch the bad guy without reporting it. He met Do Bong Soon and hire her as her personal bodyguard.He trained Do Bong Soon to control her power to manage the strength depending the situation to use it in a good way. Min-hyuk likes Bong soon for the first time he met her. He waited for a strong woman to love him back since he knows that she likes Guk-doo first. He is a Strong Woman partner and husband.

They will love each other in the story and will get married, will be blessed with twin princess. A strong princesses.

Guk-Doo, one of the leading men who destined to be friend of strong woman. He is passionate for his work as a policeman. He'll be happy for the woman he liked for a long time Bong Soon and Min-hyuk because he realizes his feelings too late. Anyways, his character here is also great to make a love triangle effect.

You must watch these guys, include this drama in your list. The story is cute as well as the characters.

Some cool screenshots below.

Wedding group picture with Min-hyuk close employee and with the Gang Company group

A group of students who idolized Bong-Soon strength
FRIENDS - just crush guys!
Family happy together <3
One of the best scenes is when the antagonist of the story will know the secret about strong woman power, he will make an evil plan and Bong Soon will lose her power for hurting a victim. She will regain her power in a very touching moment wherein she is about to die because of a bomb and Min Hyuk tried to save her. Before the bomb explodes, she will wish to have her power back for her to save the man who's willing to sacrifice life to die with her. She will get her strength  back and use it to save people until the end of the story.

The girl painting on the door of Min-hyuk house
Coincidence about them, when Bong Soon is younger, she saved a bus and Min-hyuk is a passenger.

I know you are also curious if the ending is good. Of course, I know the feeling of watching all the episodes and ending up sad because of its ending. Don't worry, you will be satisfied enough with its ending.

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