Primadonna Sandals: Size 10 fits with me

Monday, June 26, 2017 5:15 PM

Black Sandals
Hi guys! I bought a new sandals in primadonna, I'm just so happy that I got a different brand of sandals this time. Most of the time I buy shoes or sandals in Parisian, for comfort and simple design. It's really not a joke to buy a new one so I hate it when my shoes need to say goodbye. Looking for a new one takes time to find what I want. I'm looking for flat footwear, I am tall and that's the reason why my foot size is big. When I'm asking for available size I have to say the biggest size, but for american size smaller size is good for me but the design is too plain for me. When I'm tired looking for something with design I always end up buying the available design fit for my size.

I don't want to spend money for too much expensive shoes, I know that somehow it will not be strong enough for me in a long time. For my shoes lifespan (branded), I'm lucky if it's still okay after a year. I accepted the fact that I cannot buy some style I see online because of size availability.

black sandals primadonna

I got my new sandals in primadonna worth Php599.95 (it's 50% off) haha. Not a plain one yehey!

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  1. Good news- now I have another shop to get some shoes. Like you I'm also a size 10 sometimes 9. I shop at Payless and Forever 21 just to share with you.

    1. I haven't try in Forever21, thanks for that I will add it in my brand list whenever I need a new one:) I like some design in Payless, but with heels.