Foodstagram: Have a good shot, find a right spot

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 5:52 PM


People nowadays are very attached with social media. Every moves needs a documentation. Travel, groufies and even food have now been a perfect subject to upload. No matter how hungry you are, you still find time to take photos before eating. Funny but true, right? In instagram, a famous hashtag #FOODSTAGRAM is used when sharing a photo of food.

It has to be the skills to make food look even tastier at pictures, not just its presentation, but the creativity to capture a great shot. It's not required to have an expensive camera to do photography, everyone can do it using a smartphone.

Let me share some tips to take a great food shots using your phone:

Photo by: @littleraindropmemory | @misstheerious
Finding the perfect angle
Do not stay in the same position, move freely. It might be the distance or camera angle. Take a photo from the above or same level of the food.

Photo by: @littleraindropmemory
Center the food in your frame
Make it simple when the food you want to capture has enough design. Otherwise, you can use props as a decoration to make the food delicious.

Photo by: @littleraindropmemory
Do not include everything
Forcing to fit all the food in the frame will not make it better, at some view it will look messy. It's okay to have a cropped portion of food on the image.

Photo by: @littleraindropmemory | @misstheerious
Have a nice bite
It will look appetizing. A photo like this can make someone hungry.

Unsightly to see an over and under exposure photo
Good lighting
It's important when taking photos, it has an effect with a high quality image. Make sure not to have an over/under exposure.

Photo by: @littleraindropmemory | @misstheerious
Add your mood
To have a great food shot, place an object beside the food. Use the background or the object you are using to define the ambiance and your mood.

Practice can make you a good photographer. Skills can learn though it's not your profession. Those tips may apply not just in food. I hope that somehow those tips may help you.

My friend told me once that it's up to us whether we capture a good photo or not. It is the creativity that findS a way to capture impressive photos.

Thank you Jennyflor Navarro (@littleraindropmemory) for your advices and letting me use your foodstagram photos.

What's the best smartphone for foodstagram?
Oppo F3 is the best smartphone for foodies and taking great photos with a yummy meal because it's the #SelfieExpert phone. Filters are built-in so rather than adjusting the brightness/contrast it will be easy to choose one to take a perfect food shot.

Oppo F3
Dual Selfie Camera: One for Selfie, One for Groufie
Camera specification is perfectly awesome for #foodstagram and for taking groufies and selfie with yummy foods.

16 MP Front Camera
Double View Group Selfie Camera
Beautify 4.0 with Bokeh Effect
Palm Shutter

13 MP Rear Camera
Wonderful Night Shots
Anti-shake 2.0
Expert Mode

Oppo F3
Multi-tasking and seamless switching between apps, movies and music
OPPO F3 phone can use for photography. Can bring anywhere, it has 64 GB internal memory so anyone using it can have lots of amazing shots. 

Oppo F3
See complete specification of OPPO F3 at their website:

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