EK: A place where magical lives forever

Monday, June 26, 2017 2:49 PM

Enchanted Kingdom
Have a mesmerizing experience at Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park in the Philippines located in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

For kids, for your kids: for sure they will enjoy places like this, but rides for them is limited but they will have fun. There is variety of skilled games wherein kids can get staff toy or adults can do so for them.

For students, a group of friends: You might have different kind of trips.

  • Some will be thrilled and excited to go with rides like extreme, space shuttle or roller coaster.
  • Some will look for food trips.
  • Some will enjoy the whole time just walking and enjoying the view and rides by watching.
  • Some will make EK as a photo shoot venue. haha selfie and groufie

For family bonding, this place is also a good one to have a quality time.

Whatever your trip is, this place is for everyone.

Well for me, I've been there a few times. When I was a student, last iterenary every fieldtrip is either Star City or Enchanted Kingdom.

Let me share you some of my photos in EK.

space shuttle
Space shuttle
fun cart
Fun cart
If you would like to know more about Enchanted Kingdom, visit their website:

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