NOVUHAIR Gift Fit For the Queen of our Life, our Mother dear!

Friday, May 12, 2017 10:47 AM

To wonder woman of our life, the best all time, the most caring people who can offer us an unconditional love. They deserve to be crown for all sacrifices they are willing to risk for our sake. Our mother dear who can do impossible a possible are growing old my bes. For their day,they deserve to be treated like a queen with that vibrant, bouncy and shiny “crowning glory.”

Are you preparing a gift?
Stuck for an idea yet?

Show your love and serve her like a queen. She can do everything for you in her entire life so returning back your gratefulness sometimes can bring her happiness.

Here’s a simple but meaningful token of gratitude that for sure will make a big difference and, eventually, pull off a surprise for the celebrant herself: The NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack which includes the topical scalp lotion, herbal shampoo and conditioner. Yes, you read it right.

Still not convinced enough, why don’t you spray a liberal amount of NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion onto your mom’s scalp and massage it for five to ten minutes. You may not even know that with such a plain gesture of yours, it can melt her heart. Those caressing hands of yours, likewise, imbibe your act of giving back the “natural care from mothers” like her.

NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion is so unique that it combines 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients––all working synergistically to help address hair problems from growth to vanishing. This breakthrough product helps to rejuvenate, nourish and maintain the moist of her tress from root to tip, aids in stimulating the growth of her hair and helps prevent it from excessive falling, while improving the ove
rall appearance.

NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack is beyond compare. So, don’t think twice to wrap it as your present for her this Mother’s Day and, if ever, for life. Head on to any Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores to get a dose of nature’s answer to hair loss.  For inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, and visit for more details. Follow us on Twitter @NovuhairNatural and Instagram @NovuhairOfficial for promo announcements and exciting updates.

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