Spoiler Alert: Remember Son's War Review

Monday, May 22, 2017 3:19 PM

Hi guys! It's my first time to write a review about the kdrama that I've watched. If you are planning to watch this and you don't want a spoiler, then don't read it. But if you want to know if I like the story and about the cast, you can continue. Here I go, Remember Son's War was aired year 2015-2016 with 20 episodes.

The story is all about justice for innocent people who blame wrongly because of power and wealth. On the other side, Alzheimer's disease and hyperthymesia will be a big part of the story. If you are expecting a happy love story here, better not watch it.

Main characters:

Seo Jin Woo,who has an amazing memory that remember every detail events he saw became the youngest lawyer in South Korea. Why he became a lawyer? Because his father who has Alzheimer's disease was accused as a rapist and murderer. He who has a hyperthymesia, became a lawyer to justify his father and prove that his father is innocent. In the story, his father will be sentenced to death until his condition became worse and die. Seo Jin Woo, who has photographic memory also has a disability because of it.The power of his memory became a disability, he lost his memory like his father. Before he forget all his memory, he has proven in the court in  the trial that his father is innocent and not guilty.

Lee In-ah, she was the only person who believes that Jin Woo's father is innocent, she also watched the evidence which not submitted in court. And because of what happened to Jin Woo's father, she became prosecutor to support him. She believes that truth will prevail and justice will be given fairly.
I also believe that  though the story doesn't focus on a love story, she was Jin Woo's lover at the end of story. Their story has somehow been painful because Jin Woo lost his memory but still touching because his heart remember her..

Park Dong-ho is the attorney who saw himself in Jin Woo's situation while asking to help him in his father to win the case. His father died in the accident, same accident that caused the death of  Jin Woo's mother and brother. A gang leader name Suk Joo-il supported him to became a lawyer, but became a reason why he lost Jin-Woo's father case and work under II-Ho company. At the end part of the story he will discover that Chairman Nam II-Ho was behind his father's death. Just like his father, Dong-Ho can't kill anyone just to clean someone's dirt. He did such a great role in the story. He became an attorney who fights for the poor and needed justice the most.

( He was my favorite character here, I felt how much he wanted to help Jin Woo, but can't do any help because of Nam II family connections.)

Nam Gyu-man, an effective antagonist of the story. He has an anger management disorder. He is responsible for Jung-ah's death and other crime. He was the only heir of Nam II-Ho company. He was inhumane and did a lot of brutality. He acts like he rules the law. The truth wins and he pays all those evil work he has done. He has proven guilty for the murder he committed and ended his own life in jail.

I hate his criminal character, I'm so disgusted whenever he appears in the scene. He such a good actor. His acting was also great.

Overall, though I preferred watching romcom and stories with fiction, I've enjoyed this one since the story is all about family and friends. The story wishes to always have a good memories to treasure.

Here's some scenes I like the most...
This is how they mey.
 When Jin-woo pick up Lee In-ah's bag in the bus, she accused Jin-woo at the police station as a thief.
Sweet scene after Jin-woo disappear because of  his temporary memory lost.
 When Lee In-ah find Jin Woo in a place that he always wanted to visit since his father was gone.
Lee In-ah asked Jin woo if he remember the necklace she has.
After reading the note Jin Woo put in the wishing tree.
This line was written in his note: Perhaps, all the pieces of memory I lost will be with you instead. Please keep those memories forever. I always pray for your happiness wherever I go.

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