Love matters #001

Thursday, May 4, 2017 2:37 PM

I think it is true that we girls do get disappointed because of things that we just created in our mind. Why? Simply because I did the same in a way. I'm not saying it relates to all but I will assume I am right. I know that you got hurt once because of your least expectation from someone you value the most. Absurd, right? You gave all the signs to meet your expectation yet that person is playing pretty numb. Every single action was counted, but it never comes when you're waiting desperately.

We can never deny and lie in our own feelings. Let's admit it girls that our bliss sometimes hide in our mind because we don't like men to see us so fluttered of what effort they did. We secretly treasure the moment in our heart. Imagination is working too much about boundless things and your feelings are growing enormously to the point you want to feel it habitually.

Honestly, wanting someone with consistency of their feelings is what we are looking for. Does that someone exist? Rare maybe, but getting the real point here is that we just want to feel our significance in times we start questioning the love we are receiving. We keep ourselves expecting and getting saddened at the end. We doubt the relationship not noticing that it weakens the trust.

We're hoping for progress, we stay and getting confused. Self-explanation is not always getting things the way we see it.  Understanding should come first to turn everything fine.

We like pretty works of effort. We want surprising things to happen for real. We want to be loved and always be. Thinking of yourself that you have a hollowness in your heart, you keep asking questions. You will need an answer, response that will satisfy and will give you peace of mind. The key here is acceptance.

Love what you hate and ignore things which does not matter. Rather than nagging the person you love, show your warmth. Instead of blaming, embrace someone's imperfections. Do not neglect the person, hug tightly. Holding someone's hand will make the situation better and teach you to find what is lost. You will then recognize that everything is dreamily perfect in the way you not seen it before.

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