Nichido Final Powder Review

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 4:09 PM

Hi! I've discovered this Nichido Final Powder and use daily. It was really nice for me to find this one. Why? Because it's becoming uncomfortable with using normal powder so I decided to use and try another brand for my face.

7/7 days in a week I am using this cosmetic product to apply as my daily powder.  Well, I'm not using so many cosmetics every day. Cream and Nichido Final Powder is enough for my face. Miracle cream seems to suit and more refreshing for me as I am easily getting my face oily. I've used that combination for a few months after I've got rid of my lot of pimples after being so careless to my face cause of dirts everywhere specially walking near the highway and Edsa. I guess my skin is agreeable using just the combination of two for me to avoid having such irritation and pimples because of using multiple kinds of skin care product for my face.

- It's affordable (Php150.00) and you can use it for months,depending on how many times you apply this in a day
- Easy to get one, SM Department store or Watson with Nichido products
- Compare to normal powder, it was like I am using a foundation powder

- Trying will never harm us from using several kinds and type of cosmetic products. If this one is effective for you too, it will be nice, but then if your skin feels some irritation I think you have to stop it or else you will risk your looks.
- A little messy when you shake the container up and down 

No more powder in my first container
I keep myself in using this and I prefer using Creamy Glow - Nichido Final powder because it makes me look just natural and it last for me in half of a day before I needed to re-apply.

You can also try this, it is affordable with quality as Nichido is one of the most popular Cosmetic that women use. Hope it will also be compatible for you! :)

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