Faith: We're always guided by Him

Sunday, March 12, 2017 3:25 PM

Sunrise reminds us that after darkness, there's always a light!
I can believe without seeing! I know for sure that here in my heart I can find Him. God almighty created everything. Failure and problems come and go just like every day of our daily lives. Just like day and night. My faith helps me to survive anything. Maybe it's not consistent, but this is called life, it's up and down. We keep on rolling to make our lives more satisfying.

No one will ever say that life is easier as how we think we can live it in such fantasy life we like to be in. We need to work hard as much as we can. To be able to get the things who required us to get, we use money to survive in the materialistic world of our minds.

Realistically, I  believe like other does that our faith lead us in the right path. We do actions depending on how we foresee things. We are always guided and it's our choice to be with Him. Jesus saves us to all our sins. Brother is too nice to his siblings. We do things against righteousness, but we still are forgiven every time we make mistakes. He saved and will save us.

My faith keeps me to be strong! It makes heavy things to be light for me to hold it. To Him I pray for myself and for my beloved ones. I ask him to guide us, but I know it's already given to ask for because even before I ask I already feel it in many ways. Even times come for me to give up, not even once God will give up for me. I'm always grateful to see pretty creatures around me. Surrounding and people that make me wonder and amaze.

When I am thinking about plans for myself, the idea follows that it's good to take God's will and let Him help me to decide for what should be the best plan.

Recently, I decided to jog in weekends, while looking up at the wide sky while running I've realized how lucky I am. I should not live my life thinking how great other life is. It is good to dream a good life but thinking about less fortunate people, I think of God's gift every morning when I wake up. Watching how the sun rises from far, it seems like a good day to be happy for a lot of things.

We are blessed indeed! We received and keep on receiving, being thankful is not a hard thing to give. We must because we are truly fortunate!

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