Massive Munchies: Highly Addictive Food

Monday, February 20, 2017 11:54 AM

Soft opening: February 18, 2017 at Quiapo manila near Manuel L. Quezon University.
Best Munchies from Dumaguete is here in Quiapo, Manila.

Must taste the delicious munchies:

Massive Munchies' current offerings consists of 4 amazing flavors to choose from. Each of the flavors are quite unique and are very much packed full of flavor. Each hot pocket meat pie cost around a measly Php39 for its's regular size to PHP59 for it's King size option - which is truly a total steal!

Available for both dine-in and take out (5/10pcs box) orders
Best seller!
1. Cheesy Pepperoni
  • marked the beginning of Massive Munchies; as it's signature flavor it truly is a crowd favorite! It's when Italian cuisine meets Filipino's ingenuity! One of the best seller's a definitive must try!
Cheesy Taco
 2. Cheesy Taco
  • Mexican PocketPie with a whole lotta cheesy goodness. A definitive perfect fit for every cheese lover out there! With this much cheese on it, you would totally crave for more!
For Beef Lover!
 3. Beefy Mushroom
  • Simply BEEF stronganoff in a pie - Tender slices of beef sauteed in rich mushroom sauce makes this pocket meat pie a true meaty lover's favorite!
 4. Tuna Lasagna
  • Massive Munchies treat to our health conscious peers! this pocket meat pie is definitely a healthier option! For those who love lasagna but are into lesser calories? Try this! tastes like lasagna, but is made from tuna.
How they started?

Two business- minded young individuals from Dumaguete City felt the need to bring innovative, affordable yet tasty product to the market. Being intuitive and sensitive to the masses needs then; they were able to create what was needed by the populace.


Dumaguete, known for its universities and laid back lifestyle, provided the perfect venue for the two founders to envision and create such successful product.

Massive Munchies has been in operation since 2014, with just one store initially branching out into 3 in just 2 years. Its massive success can be attributed to its taste and value for the price that has immediately captured the people of Dumaguete.

Now, Massive Munchies wants to make its market in the heart of Manila, so they decided to set up a base and open up one store with plans to set-up 500 stores in the next 5 yeras.


The dream is big - and that is to eventually go nationwide, and be the next big franchise. Massive Munchies is open for a franchise in both a full flagship store or a kiosk set-up.

Massive Munchies' also is continuing to grow their menu as they are a dynamic and conventional in their food offerings in line with their mission to bring about only the best flavors to satisfy all taste oreferences of their customers, whether it be traditional, or the modern flavors in both the yound and the old.

The Founders

Massive Munchies is the by-product of two good friends; both of which have an unparalleled level of skills unique to each other.

Mr. Tad Angara, who runs the in-depth business side of Massive Munchies' and all its financial transactions and Mr. Dex Bautista, a registered nurse who opted to gera away from his profession to pursue his passion and is the brains behind MM's food!

Mr. Tad Angara doing the Ribbon cutting
Pocket Meat pie prepared and cooked with utmost care and love ♥

They also gave us freebies ( Massive Munchies Shirt and Munchies)
MM Shirt

Munchies :)
For food lovers, try this delicious, affordable and appetizing Munchies! 

For further information, visit their FB page:

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