It’s all about LOVE

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 12:43 PM

Playing around, looking around, seeing people come and go in our lives. Yesterday we were waiting, hoping and wiping our own tears away.

Once in a while, we dream having someone to find us. SOMEONE who truly understands us. Someone who knows how to make us happy. A person who is willing to sacrifice time and effort just to able to see the sweetest smile on our face. Special someone that can make us feel the LOVE.

What are we supposedly to do then to find the person who destined for us? Hey! We have to trust and have faith that everything will come in God's perfect time. We might have to overcome a lot of trials to see someone's worth. It will not always meet our expectations, they will not even meet the criteria of our ideal person, but true love really knocks on the door of our hearts to prove us that they are well deserved to be part of our life.

Each and everyone of us will experience different kind of love, LOVE that gives us weakness or make us strong. Either way, it will give us an essential lesson in life.
Loving let us face everything in life to remain standing on the ground and holding tightly the hand of someone who we see our future with.
Pain will challenge us. Some people will try to ruin the relationship we have. Some might be against or insecure. Those people who are truly concerned with you will support you no matter what.

Sometimes people hurt us. Sometimes we hurt people. 

We could never be perfect to never commit sin, but love really matters to help us improve and become a better person

Love is real when two people have the mutual care and affection for each other. When both of you are giving and take.
Love is pure when they place God in the middle of their relationship. 
Love will appear in front of you unpredictably. You can never make a schedule for this. You can never make an excuse to postpone it. Chill and if this feeling comes to you and your heart dictates you to LOVE then follow it. Live your life the way you want to live it. Be with someone you want to be with. DON'T REGRET IN THE END. Be awesome and live well.
Hate no one. Smile to everyone. Love someone

Start initiative for a better world.
Spread love in the world.

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